Plurk Without (troll) on Firefox

Since a few days ago, there are some troll emoticon introduced in plurk. There are some people just don’t like it and wanna delete it from their view. This is the CSS I wrote on Firefox to set no-display on it:

@namespace url(;
@-moz-document domain("")  {
  img[alt='(troll)'], img[alt='(yay)'], img[alt='(fuu)'], img[alt='(bah)'], 
  img[alt='(gtroll)'], img[alt='(gyay)'], img[alt='(gfuu)'], img[alt='(gbah)'] {
    /* opacity:0.3; */ display:none;

Installing CSS Code on Firefox

  1. I use stylish add-on. Install it and you will see the stylish icon on bottom-right of your browser
  2. Go to plurk page (can be your own home plurk page or others)
  3. Right click the stylish icon and choose write new style, then choose for
  4. There will be a window to editing the style, write down a name on it and paste the code above to the textbox field
  5. Click save button

If you want make the troll image to be transparent, you can use opacity option (

/* opacity:0.3; */ display:none;





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