Wireless Undetected on Ubuntu Maverick

When installing ubuntu on my laptop, my wireless device was undetected. After searching on forum, I got the solution, it’s to activate restricted driver. I needed my ubuntu CD-installer to do it. FYI, my laptop is Compaq Presario C714NR series.

  1. Insert your CD installer
  2. Be sure that Synaptic using your CD as a repository.
    Select menu:
    System » Administration » Synaptic Package Manager
    Select window menu:
    Settings » Repositories
    Check on checkbox inside:
    Installable from CD-ROM/DVD
    Then close.
  3. Select menu:
    System » Administration » Additional Drivers
    Wait until system finished searching the compatible driver for yours.
  4. Select the proper driver, then click:
  5. The wireless device installation is done.

Maybe not all drivers are supported right now, I don’t know. If your wireless device is not detected by the system after doing steps above, I have no clue about it. Maybe you need to install it yourself or using global repositories that is defined in your system.


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