Februari Tanpa Postingan


Ternyata sulit untuk menjaga stabilitas posting 🙂

Yap, februari tanpa postingan 😉

Installing Font on Ubuntu


Some people say that Windows has better font than Linux. But on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick (I use this version), I think it has a good font too, named Ubuntu, as its’ default font. Also, font rendering in Firefox or Chromium is better now. But for some people, especially who works on design, default fonts are not enough. They need more fonts than that are provided. And maybe they have their own favourite font. So, they need to install it.

As I know, there are two ways to install font. First, installing it globally using root priviledge (using sudo in example). Second, installing it locally using default user priviledge.

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Mama Pulsa


Akhirnya beroleh SMS mama-pulsa 😀

Dikirim oleh nomor 081944514595 dengan bunyi SMSnya seperti ini:

Ini mama pake nomor orang, tolong beliin dlu mama pulsa simpati isi 20 ribu dikirim dinomor brunya mama ini 081340173471 cepat ya soalnya mama ada msalah pnting

Bagaimana ya cara melaporkan nomer-nomer di atas? Jika dicari di google hasilnya juga sudah cukup banyak nomer tersebut.

Plurk Without (troll) on Firefox

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Since a few days ago, there are some troll emoticon introduced in plurk. There are some people just don’t like it and wanna delete it from their view. This is the CSS I wrote on Firefox to set no-display on it:

@namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);
@-moz-document domain("plurk.com")  {
  img[alt='(troll)'], img[alt='(yay)'], img[alt='(fuu)'], img[alt='(bah)'], 
  img[alt='(gtroll)'], img[alt='(gyay)'], img[alt='(gfuu)'], img[alt='(gbah)'] {
    /* opacity:0.3; */ display:none;

Installing CSS Code on Firefox

Wireless Undetected on Ubuntu Maverick


When installing ubuntu on my laptop, my wireless device was undetected. After searching on forum, I got the solution, it’s to activate restricted driver. I needed my ubuntu CD-installer to do it. FYI, my laptop is Compaq Presario C714NR series.

  1. Insert your CD installer
  2. Be sure that Synaptic using your CD as a repository.
    Select menu:
    System » Administration » Synaptic Package Manager
    Select window menu:
    Settings » Repositories
    Check on checkbox inside:
    Installable from CD-ROM/DVD
    Then close.
  3. Select menu:
    System » Administration » Additional Drivers
    Wait until system finished searching the compatible driver for yours.
  4. Select the proper driver, then click:
  5. The wireless device installation is done.

Maybe not all drivers are supported right now, I don’t know. If your wireless device is not detected by the system after doing steps above, I have no clue about it. Maybe you need to install it yourself or using global repositories that is defined in your system.

Install Java Plugin on Firefox Ubuntu

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My Ubuntu version is 10.10 and My Java version is 1.6.0_23.

Installing Java
To install java, you can download it from here.

Installing Plugin
Assume that java had been installed on /opt/jdk1.6.0_23/ and using i386 architecture (my ubuntu is desktop-i386 version). To install the plugin, use this command:
sudo ln -s /opt/jdk1.6.0_23/jre/lib/libnpjp2.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libjavaplugin.so

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USB Device on VirtualBox Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick


VirtualBox-OSE has no USB support on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick. There is another version of VirtualBox that supports USB device, VirtualBox-PUEL. The reference to install this VirtualBox-PUEL can be read here.

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